City of Gary Seal

Date                 Event


March 12 --     Survey for U.S. Steel Corp. started

March 20 --    Construction begins on Gary Works

April 18 --       Survey for town of Gary starts

June 9 --          Population of 334

July 13 --         First post office opens

July 17 --         Gary incorporates as a town

July 28 --         First election conducted

July 30 --         First meeting of town board trustees held


June 17 -- Official seal for city presented to board of trustees by Judge Elbert H. Gary

June 18 -- Construction of Jefferson school begins

June 23 -- Pennsylvania R.R. recognizes Gary in time tables

July 1 -- William A. Wirt becomes superintendent of schools

July 6 -- Street railway system given franchise

July 20 -- Sixteen lots fronting 7th Ave., between Polk and Tyler Sts., purchased by Rev Jansen for church and school building

August 11 -- Construction begins on first Gary Hotel

September 3 -- Construction starts on Gary Trust & Savings Bank building

December 3 -- Population of 10,000 reached (estimated)

December __ -- Clark Station annexed to Gary

Decenber 13 -- Services held in first church building in Gary


July 23 -- First ore boat arrives at Gary Works harbor

December 14 -- Gary Fire Department organized


February 3 -- First steel produced at Gary Works

August __ -- Petition presented for incorporation of Gary as a city

                    Construction of first city hall begins

November __ -- Glen Park annexed

November 2 -- Gary made city of fifth class

November 3 -- First city hall completed and occupied


Construction of first unit of American Sheet & Tin Plate Co. begins

August 31 -- Tolleston annexed

November 7 -- Gary becomes city of the fourth class.

                        U.S. Census sets population at 16, 802


American Bridge Co. turns out first structural steel

American Sheet & Tin Plate begins operations


Y.M.C.A. building dedicated

Library building constructed


Tin Mills placed in operation

January 4 -- Gary becomes city of the second class


May __ -- First Post Office building completed


December 22 -- Miller annexed


Construction of National Tube begins


Construction of Gary Gateway begins


National Tube produced first pipe


City Hall unit of Gary Gateway completed


February 21 -- New U.S. Post Office opens.  That building is now an abandoned shell, going to ruin. 


FROM: International Herald Tribune (
1949:Vice Benefits : IN OUR PAGES:60 YEARS AGO

GARY — Prostitutes are not eligible for unemployment compensation in Indiana, but gamblers are.

The manager of the Indiana Unemployment Compensation Bureau said several persons who admitted they are gamblers and prostitutes have filed applications for unemployment benefits as an aftermath of Gary's week-long war on crime and vice.  The manager said gamblers will be paid $20 weekly for twenty weeks unless they go back to work sooner.

The prostitutes are ineligible, he said, because they are classified as independent contractors. 


Gary marks its 100th birthday.  Celebration is muted, as city is a shadow of what it was when it turned 50. 


Forgotten America:  The Other Side of Capitalism
By Kofi Bofah, Chicago, Onyx Investments
[24 Oct 2008]

Michael and Janet Jackson rarely return, nor do they readily acknowledge any connection to Gary; hometown of The Jackson Five.  The dismissal of the “Steel City” by its first megastar family, although loathsome, serves as an indicator of the complete wreckage that permeates this Northwest Indiana population center.

Downtown Gary has emerged as a decrepit commercial area - featuring artists’ renderings of businesses, rather than actual living and breathing people and commercial establishments.  Broadway, Gary's main drag, is a collection of shuttered buildings, gun shops, payday loan operatives, liquor stores, and fast-food restaurants.

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