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Marines are known for a lot of things.  The ability to follow orders is certainly one of them.  What follows is true.  I know, as I was a principal actor in the scenario.

Back in the early 70's my unit was preparing to depart for MCB Camp Garcia-Vieques, PR.  Transport was from MCAS Cherry Point, NC by means of a C-130 Hercules transport.  Cattle cars (actually a misnomer, as they do look an awful lot like large horse trailers) were used to move us from Camp Lejeune, NC to the flight line.  Some lifer came by handing out cardboard tags with white string on them.  In the process of so doing he ordered, "Tag all government property!" 

Well, my momma didn't raise no dummy.  Besides, at the time I had already earned two degrees and was the holder of the prestigious rank of Lance Corporal (E-3).  Receiving and following orders to the letter came as second nature to me. 

I proceeded to tag my gear.  That gear included my sea bag, my 782 gear, my helmet liner, my helmet, my helmet cover, my helmet chin strap, my field jacket, my utility cover, my utility blouse, my utility trousers, my trouser blouser bands, my belt, my combat boots (1 ea.-right & left), my boot strings; you get the idea.  By the time I had carried out the order, I had a dozen or more cardboard tags attached to my person.  I do distinctly recall it was a more than windy day.  My tags were caught by the wind, and  flapped quite noisily in the breeze.

Shortly prior to boarding the aircraft a Major General whom I had never seen before approached and began to interrogate me.  The conversation went like this:

Lance Corporal, what is your name?
Sir!  Lance Corporal Yaros, Sir!
What and the hell are you doing with all those damn tags on you?
Sir!  The word was passed to tag all government property, and I am government property, Sir!

[There was a pregnant pause while the Major General digested my reply.]

Finally, he stated, "Marine, good job Marine!" He then proceeded to depart the area without a further word ... .

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