Here are some things I have run across over time, related to the "Steel City," that appear to be a bit out of the ordinary; not the usual run of the mill (pun intended), shall we say:

$20 Bill

Interersting, in that this note is payable at the National Bank of America at Gary, Indiana, and is not payable in either gold or silver.  The security backing this currency is U.S. Bonds deposited with the treasury secretary.  So what does the bearer get on demand, 20 $1 bills?

Gary Golden  Jubilee Envelope

A Gary Golden Jubilee First Day Cover?  Stamped, postmarked, but not addressed.

Note the 3 in stamps for first class postage.  Ah, those were the days!

Shave Permit BadgeBrothers of the Brush Certificate

Golden Jubilee items for the men of Gary authorizing them to go about in public with, or without facial hair


Eisenhower Letter

Even Ike paid attention to Gary in the 50's.

Gary Land Prices-1906

Sadly, in the 21st Century, Gary real estate prices may return to 1906 levels -

Downtown Sheraton Hotel Brochure

Hey, (Mayor) Rudy is going the revive this prime real estate.  He already has the lights on!

The place was a white elephant in 1984, and is an eyesore today.

Architect's Conception of Downtown Gary in 2006

I like this one.  It is someone's conception of how the "Steel City" would/could

look in the 21st Century; particularly at age 100 in the year 2006.   Would that the

person who came up with this idea could lay his/her eyes ondowntown Gary today.


US 30  Dragstrip Ticket

She's so fine, my 409!

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