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Gary Post-Tribune



City of Gary

The Architecture of Gary


Glen Park Nike Site C-48


Gary Preservation Site


U.S. Steel Photo Collection


Miller Beach Web Site


Photo Tour of the Gary of Today

Gary Photos


Lake Co. Public Library

Calumet Region
Historical Guide

Golden Days of
Gary, Indiana





Nothing fancy here, folks.  This is a listing of web sites dealing with Gary, Indiana that I have found to be of interest or useful to Garyphiles.


Gary's only local newspaper, which I delivered as a kid.
-  I was a FIVE STAR * * * * * HONOR CARRIER, issued a bright gold paper bag with red lettering



The official web site of the City of Gary, Indiana


This is a really neat site dealing with notable Gary structures worthy of preservation


The scoop from the horses's mouth so to speak; Col. Lawrence, Commanding




Here is a site depicting the deplorable state of some of Gary's remarkable structures


The largest collection of U.S. Steel photos available electronically


A well done site with a lot of good info



How/why folks take these shots I do not know, but they are worth viewing


An interesting collection of Gary photos someone deemed worthy of uploading to Flickr


The Lake County Public Library


Here is an E-Book from 1939 by the Indiana Writer's Project of the WPA on the history of the Calumet Region.  It begins with ancient times and goes through the present; in this case being 1939.  It is 271 pages in length, with maps, bibliography and index.

This is a neat Gary site from a fellow baby boomer from the "Steel City"



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