da'Region as a Marrying Place

Famous individuals issued marriage licenses at the Lake County Courthouse in Crown Point, Indiana include:

Rudolph Valentino to Winifred DeWolfe

Tom Mix

Joe DiMaggio  (Not to Marilyn - It appears no marriage resulted after the issuance of this license?  Joe married actress Dorothy Arnold in 1939 in San Francisco and MM in 1954.)

Red Grange

Red Skelton

Ronald Reagan to Jane Wyman

Muhammad Ali

Why would these folks get married in Lake County?  During the first half of the twentieth century, Indiana did not require blood-tests or impose a three day waiting period on couples desiring to tie the knot.  They could be married quickly and at any time of the day.  And, if you were in Chicago when the thoughts of betrothal began to dance in your head, Lake County was only a hop, skip and and jump down the road.  The county seat for Lake County, IN became known as the "Marriage Mill" and "Gretna Green of the Midwest."

Source: Awesome Almanac Indiana by Nancy Jacobson

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