You know you are from Gary/Glen Park if you remember:

1961 Quill & Blade    TV Screen

GILROY STADIUM - Where high school football games were held

Until it was discovered the stands were sinking into the landfill on which they sat!

Where the Roosevelt Panthers used to walk to the stadium in full uniform to intimidate the opposing team

MEMORIAL AUDITORIUM - The downtown venue for all high school basketball games and high school graduations

Frank Sinatra, Harlem Globetrotters, Professional Wrestling (Friday Night Fights) all appeared there

No longer standing, as destroyed by fire in the the 90's.  (See pics at Cityscapes)

AL'S PIZZA (43rd & Broadway) - the place to go after a game

ADANK'S BAR (at 45th & Broadway) - where some guys who thought they were "so cool" went for lunch in high school

Interestingly, the owner of the bar was my former Little League coach.  That fact did not stop him from serving us beer at lunch, even though we were more than underage!

RICCOCHET LOUNGE (at 45th & Broadway) - the pizza parlor (money laundry) run by the Morgano "family"

Tommy Morgano was eventually deported back to his Sicilian home, but somehow managed
a return to the good ol' U. S. of A.?

BUSY BEE (on 45th, near Harrison) - another high school lunch hangout (previously known as Billy's & Bud's)

RIDGE THEATER (on Ridge Rd., near Broadway) - the "make out spot" for those not old enough to drive

ROXY THEATER (on Broadway, near Ridge Rd.)

Y & W DRIVE-IN - the "make out spot" for those with access to wheels

C & L AUTO SUPPLY (41st & Broadway) - if you were into wheels, you knew this place

NUMMIES AUTO PARTS - one of the proverbial junkyards frequented by the shade tree mechanics, along with WILD BILL'S

THE CLOCK (51st & Broadway) - nothing more than a large parking lot where everyone went to see and be seen

VILLAGE SHOPPING CENTER (35th & Grant) - a first for Gary, eliminating the need to go downtown

PALACE THEATER -  the downtown movie palace

H. GORDON & SONS - the upscale department store of downtown Gary, along with LYTTON'S

ROBERT HALL CLOTHES - the lower end of the scale when it came to clothing retailers

COMAY JEWELERS - the record store of Gary.  Everyone went there and spent hours in the listening booths

NICK'S TAILORS (Downtown) -  where guys got their drapes and vestees back in the day

BART'S A & W - the drive-in restaurant/root beer stand of choice for Glen Park residents

BEAUTY SPOT RESTAURANT- hangout, near Ridge and Roxy theaters, for those not old enough to drive; great cherry cokes

GARY PUBLIC LIBRARY, GLEN PARK BRANCH - you may have loved it, or hated it, but you frequented it

RIDGE DEPARTMENT STORE & HARVEY'S 5 & 10 - places to shop in Glen Park

SHALLBERG'S & GLEN PARK BAKERIES- places to get one's sugar fix

WIER'S FROZEN CUSTARD (44th & Broadway) - a juke joint

SOAP BOX DERBY HILL (43rd & Broadway) - the track ran down Broadway to the Nickel Plate tracks just past 41st Av

BRAMM'S TOY & HOBBY (45th & Broadway) - where guys could purchase model cars, planes and dope

How many of you remember dope (the legal kind)?

U.S. 30 DRAGSTRIP - For those who graduated from model cars/planes and soap box derby cars

MILLER & LAKE ST. BEACHES - places to swim;

Miller if one was on the make and Lake St. if one had already connected and desired privacy


Actually the Chapel of the Dunes, in Miller.  A weekend dance place for high schoolers



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