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M14 7.62mm Rifle

M-14 Rifle

Length:  44.14 inches (112.12 centimeters)
Length of Barrel:  22 inches (55.88 centimeters)
Weight —
Empty magazine:  8.7 pounds (3.95 kilograms)
Full magazine and sling:  11.0 pounds (5.0 kilograms)
Bore diameter:  7.62mm
Maximum effective range:  1,509.26 feet (460 meters)
Muzzle velocity:  2,800 feet (853 meters) per second
Cyclic rate of fire:  750 rounds per minute
Magazine capacity:  20 rounds
Unit Replacement Cost:  $576

Features:  The M14 7.62 mm rifle is a magazine-fed, gas operated shoulder weapon, designed primarily for semi-automatic fire. It is capable of fully automatic fire with authorized modification by a U.S.M.C. qualified armorer.   It was the standard service rifle until it was replaced in the late-1960s by the 5.56mm M16A1 rifle.

Background:  At one time the standard issued rifle for Marines, the M14 is now used primarily in the Competition in Arms program, or for drill and ceremonial purposes.  The M16 replaced the M14 as the Table of Organization rifle for the Marine Corps during the Vietnam War.

M40A1 Sniper Rifle

Marine Sniper Rifle

Manufacturer: Specially trained armorers at Quantico, Virginia.
Length:  44 inches (111.76 centimeters)
Barrel length:  24 inches (61 centimeters)
Weight: &nbsp:14.5 pounds (6.58 kilograms)
Bore diameter:  7.62mm (.308 inches)
Maximum effective range:  1000 yards (914 meters)
Muzzle velocity:  2550 feet (777 meters) per second
Chamber pressure:  50,000 psi
Magazine capacity:  5 rounds
Unit Replacement Cost:  $2,105

Features:  The M40A1 sniper rifle is based on the Remington model 700.  It is a heavy barrel, bolt action, magazine fed 7.62mm rifle that is optimized for accuracy with Match Grade ammunition.  The rifle is equipped with a special 10 power Unertl sniper scope.  With a scope the rifle weighs approximately 14.5 pounds.  It is equipped with a built-in five round magazine.  This weapon is hand-made by specially trained and qualified armorers at Headquarters Marine Corps, Quantico, Virginia.

The unique characteristics of the M40A1 Sniper Rifle are:
A) Commercial competition-grade heavy barrel
B) McMillan fiberglass stock and butt pad
C) Modified Winchester Model 70 floorplate and trigger guard
D) Modified and lightened trigger
E) In addition, each stock is epoxy bedded for accuracy
F) All weapons must shoot less than one minute of angle (MOA).

Background:  The M40A1 was put into service in the 1970's to meet the need of a long range sniper rifle.  Each rifle is hand built by specially trained and qualified personnel at the Marine Corps Marksmanship Training Unit (MTU) at Headquarters Marine Corps, Quantico, Virginia.

Marine Rifleman

SOURCE: Headquarters Marine Corps, Division of Public Affairs, 2 Navy Annex, Washington, DC 20380-1775; (703) 614-1492.



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