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GDYNets Web Presence -

GDYNets is nothing but a high falutin' term I have come up with to describe my presence on the net.  Here is a listing of web sites that I have created and maintain, as well as where I store materials which have proven, or may prove, to be useful in my endeavors.

Car Collector Chronicles is a publication of GDYNets , issued monthly, online only.  It is free and contains no advertising.  The newsletter focuses on the car collecting hobby from the perspective of a guy lucky enough to own a a ride or three; me.  CCC made its appearance on the car collecting scene in November of 2008.  One will find CCC online at and also at

This web site is devoted to the 1962 Oldsmobile Dynamic 88 convertible owned by Jean & Dave, as well as to Ransom Eli Olds and Oldsmobile.

This is the home of The Gray Lady web site.  The Gray Lady is a 1955 Cadillac Coupe DeVille owned by Jean & Dave. 

This is a blog site where vistors may chime-in, comment, critique or whatever on any/every thing they have run across on any GDYNets site.


This is one of the sites where I try and store, offline, photos I have found useful for one purpose or another.


A second photo storage site I use.


This site has no rhyme, reason or organization.  It is where I once experimented with putting photos online.




I am always able to be reached via email at


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