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This is going to be nothing more than my personal soapbox.  I guess it is my perk for putting this site together?  I will feel free to, and shall, comment on anything and everything to strikes me; whether I be struck for good, or for ill.  Each entry will be preceded by a date, so the reader may put the comments in context, at least to point in time.

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Here we go with my #WhoCares? peeps —

2 Feb 2016 ==> THE DON:  Apparently "The Don's money can't buy him love in I-O-Way?

15 Jan 2016 ==> US vs. THEM:  US in this  instance refers to a collective "us," consisting of Judeo-Christain folk.  Them refers to AL-QAEDA, TALIBAN, IS,  ISIL, ISIS and like-minded entities.  While it may not be in my lifetime (as I am now, shall we say, past my prime) I do foresee a modern day crusades on the horizon.  It is inevitable given the worldwide terrorist activity being undertaken, the taking control of territory and the declaring of caliphates without consent of those occupying the lands.  The causa bella for the modern day crusades will be, not a desire to restore caliph seized lands to the original occupants, but rather to eliminate the physical threats to established governments in the Judeo-Christain lands.

7 Jan 2016 ==>N KOREA H-BOMB:   Needless to say, it has been more than quite a while since I have  posted anything here.  The last time I did  I was still gainfully employed.  I  have now been retired for 3 years!  Being such I have plently of time to ponder anything and everything.

Sadly, I feel the state of the world is not good, to put it mildly.  Our leader, Pres. Obama, has led us into a state of disrespect by both friendly and unfriendly countries.  The upcoming 2016 presidential election is a joke.  If the consequences were not so serious, it would be humorous.  Does anyone want either "The Don" or Hillary?

The real reason for this entry is to question how it is that we don't know if N. Korea exploded a hydrogen bomb?  If we are unable to detect such activity anywhere in the world, the lack of such capability is far more disconceting, nay downright foreboding, than the explosion itself!

18 JUL 2008 ==>JESSE JACKSON:   Well, it sure looks like the Rev. Jesse Jackson put his foot in it again?  It is interesting that he is sorry the mic was on, not sorry for what he said.  I do not know what I find more despicable and repulsive, a) a supposed man of the cloth desiring to castrate a fellow human being, or b) a black referring to a brother with the N-word?  Each comment shows Jesse's true character, as well as his lack of class.  I suspect Jesse is having a hard time handling the fact that he is no longer the "go to guy" among blacks when it comes to American politics?  That he is not is ever so obvious when his own son acknowledges being embarrassed by his father's remarks.  My advice to Jesse, get a grip and get over it!

==> BRETT FAVRE :   Jesse's poor handling of the fall from top dog leads nicely into my next comment.  Here in WI, we are all being subjected nightly to the Brett Farve saga of am I retired, or am I not?  We have been subjected to this same scenario for at least 3 years running, and it is getting old.  In the words of Rhett Butler, "Frankly Brett, we don't give a damn!"  Take your $16 Million a year back to Mississippi and sulk.  Quit blaming everyone else for the fact that your time has come and gone.  It is a part of the cycle of life we all have to endure.  Grow up!

==> U.S. ECONOMY :   For any who might harbor a doubt, I say we are in the midst of more than a recession.  Things are going to get worse before they get better.  If there is truth in the maxim that it always darkest before the dawn, know that we have only witnessed the recent sunset.  We have a long time to go before the dawn arrives.

Americans are like Jesse and Brett, they cannot conceive of the possiblity we are no longer #1 in the world.  Anyone with a perspective on history realizes that Spain was toppled from the #1 spot by Great Britain.  Great Britain, in turn, was replaced by the U.S.  Now, it is the turn of the U.S.

Likely candidates to assume the world power role are China, India or some Mid-east coalition.  They will become preeminent not by virtue of being victorious in war, but by controlling all the vital assets the world needs to survive; including capital (read that as U.S. Dollars).

What do we do with our earnings?  We send them over seas for commodities, goods and services.  They gladly take our money, and then use it to buy our land, buildings, businesses and factories.   The U.S. cannot expect to be #1 when it has assumed the role of working on behalf of foreigners.  No one can, or does, stay on top forever.  The U.S. is quickly slipping from the top rung on the ladder.  Adjustments will have to be made, both psychologically and physically if we are to cope.

My wife and I agree that the U.S. Cellular ad currently running on t.v. with the lovebirds verbally cooing to one another, and the sales clerk even joining in, is not only disgusting, but particularly demeaning with regard to the portrayal of the sales clerk.

10 APR 2008 - Is anyone besides me more than fed up with all the drug advertising on television?  I now know far more than I ever wanted to about PAD, RLS COPD, ED; or anyother disorder one can conjure up.  I have even seen ads for replacement knees and hips!  Don't these yokels realize that I am not going to be purchasing a replacment knee or hip on the basis of a television ad.  How dumb do they think I am?  The caveat recitals in these advertisements are far longer than the spiel for the product being hawked.  It is a little much, to say the least.

Logically, it seems these firms should be hawking their products to medical practitioners, not medical consumers.  I guess the docs are not generating enough sales to satisfy their voracious appetites?

Years ago the government, in its infinite wisdom, determined we could no longer have ads for tobacco or liquor pumped into our homes; as seeng such might corrupt us.  I guess succumbing to the lure of "popping a pill" to remedy any conceivable discomfort is ok?  It is ok so long as the drug companies keep lobbying congress and continue to make humongous contributions from their never dwinding/ever increasing profits.  I'm getting a headache.  Now, where did I put that damn HEAD ON® ?

26 MAR 2008 == > YAROS TRIVIA

All I can say is, if anyone drills down this deep into Dave's Den, they definitely qualify as an internet junkie!  I am going to make this a separate link, rather than include the content here, to not bore anyone needlessly.  This link will give you some information on the derivation and meaning of the Yaros surname.  It will also present a map showing the distribution of the Yaros clan, what few there are of us in number, throughout the U.S.  Lastly it has some interesting (?) Yaros information I have stumbled upon from time-to-time while traversing the net.  To access this info, click on the link, above17 FEB 2008 - The presidential primary election is three short days away.  Needless to say, we Wisconsinites are getting a lot of attention of late.  My wife and are very presently surprised that despite the number of ads we are bombarded with, NONE of Barack Obama's ads are negative in tone.  Too bad one cannot say the same about Billary.

20 MAR 2008 - To any youngsters (defined as being 35 yrs. old or less), be forewarned.  When you get old, one part of the newspaper you read daily is the obits.  This one popped out at me:

SLAVKO BAJIC                   

Slavko Bajic of Merrillville, IN Age 88, passed away Monday, March 17, 2008 at his residence.  He was retired from U.S. Steel Corp.  Member of St. Elijah Serbian Orthodox Church.  No known survivors.  Rendina Funeral Home in charge of arrangements. (219) 980-1141.  [Published in the Post-Tribune on 3/20/2008.]

What is particularly remarkable about it is twofold.  The name jumped out at me, not because I know the individual, but because it epitomizes the "melting pot" aspect of da' Region.  On reading it, I noticed poor Slavko died with no one to mourn him.  That struck me as sad.  On second thought, however, maybe it is not?  Think about it, no one left behind, torn by his loss, and, he has now rejoined all the folks with whom he shared life.


Well Slavko, both your presence here on earth, and your passing, have been noted by me.  Not only noted, but now memoralized for all time, here in the world of electronic nirvana.

12 MAR 2008 - Like many cities across the country, ours reported on the contaminants found in our drinking water supply.  It could only happen here, folks.  Wisconsin is on a major push to ban all smokers to God only knows where, and no one seems to care where so long as it is out of Wisconsin.  Well, what do they find in the Milwaukee water supply?  High levels of nicotine!  While the state legislature has taxed cigarettes to the point that they now sell for in excess of $6.00 per pack (a tax to reduce the health care costs associated with smoking they say, but we know really it is to raise revenue), the governnment is pumping nicotine into our systems for free!  You gotta love it?

23 FEB 2008 - I wonder if anyone besides me was appalled by the fact Billary actually tried to cash in on the fact that she successfully survived the Bill Clinton Monica Lewinsky philandering fiasco?  Her grinning like a chesire cat in the Austin debate when she remarked, "The whole world knows I have survived crises in my time" was downright sickening, and exhibited a total lack of class!  I can have absolutely no respect for a person who would try to make political hay out of such a sordid affair.

I also wish Barack would have put her feet to the fire when she asserted her claim of being ready on day #1 because of her past experience.  He could/should have replied that her failed attempt to institute universal health care was an example of the type of leadership that America does not want or need!

14 FEB 2008 - A colleague said to me, and I wholeheartedly agree, the prospect of BILL CLINTON being in the White House, wandering around with nothing to do for 4 years, is frightening!

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