Yaros Name Meaning and History

1. Czech and Slovak (Jaroš):  from a short form of a personal name formed with jaro ‘young’, ‘lively’, for example Jaroslav, Jaromír, Jarohnev.

2. Polish:  variant of Jarosz.

3. Hungarian (also Jaross):  from a pet form of the personal name Gyárfás (alternative form Járfás).

[From:  Dictionary of American Family Names, Oxford University Press, ISBN 0-19-508137-4]


Yaros Distribution  in U.S. Map

What I do know is this:  Our clan emigrated from what was the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and is now the Slovak Republic, before WWI.  They initially settled in the Bradford, PA area.  From there, some moved on to NW Indiana, for the jobs in the mills.  It was the second generation in the U.S. that settled in states other than PA or IN.

While I can't say that my eldest brother is responsible for the entire Yaros population in CA, he significantly contributed to it by moving there in the late 1950's.  Now, his branch of the Yaros clan consists of 3 generations.

They say their name is Yaros?

That may be, but they do not look like me!

Yaros of the Mantle breed
(Delfzijl, Holland)
Yaros is a 2 1/2 year old Mantle.

He definitely looks more like the European line of Great Danes.
What great ears!


 Miss Teen America - 2006  Danielle  Yaros of Wilkes Barre, PA

Danielle Yaros
Wilkes Barre, PA
Miss Teen America - 2006

(No known relation?)


Then, there is the (Greek) Island of Yaros —

 Island of Yaros     The History of the Island of Yaros                                     

During antiquity the island of Yaros was inhabited.  Its residents minted bronze coins (300-200 B.C.) depicting Artemis (Diana) and Perseus.  These coins were inscribed with the word ‘Yarion’ (‘of the Yarians’).   The island became subject to taxation by the Romans, who made use of it as a place of exile.

The more numerous inhabitants were the rats.  They eventually drove the human population off the island.

Use of the island of Yaros as a place of exile and imprisonment by the Greek government took place primarily in the years 1947-1952, 1955-1961 and 1967-1974.  Five bays of the island were utilized as concentration camps, housing over 10,000 prisoners.

Today, the island of Yaros is all but abandoned.  It does see intermittent use by the Greek military for target practice.

[By:  Apostolos Hatziparaskevaïdis]


New life for Greek isle of banishment

With reports from AP, CP, Reuters and AFP.; Compiled by Laszlo Buhasz

January 16, 2002

Once a place of banishment for Communists and a target for naval guns, the Cyclades island of Yaros now has a future as a tourist destination, Greek Defence Minister Yannos Papantoniou said last week.

Announcing a project to improve the island's port, tourist and cultural attractions, Papantoniou said Yaros would be dedicated to "the Greek people and their history."

From 1945 to 1974, when the Greek Communist party was outlawed, Yaros was used as a banishment island for any Greek national suspected of being a Communist.  As such, it occupies a similar place in Greek consciousness as Robben Island, where former president Nelson Mandela spent most of his imprisonment, did for South Africans.

Now that the navy no longer needs the island, part of the Cyclades chain south of the Greek mainland, as a firing range, residents have pushed for it to become a cultural destination for both Greek and foreign tourists.

Other islands in the Cyclades, such as Mykonos, Ios and Naxos, are popular destinations for thousands of holidaymakers each summer.

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