New-era M14 Alleviates Reliability Issues
By Charles Q. Cutshaw
[10 May 2006]


Responding to a US Army Special Operations Command (SOCOM) requirement, Sage International developed a chassis-type stock for M14 rifles that transforms the M14 into a 21st century enhanced tactical carbine.  This stock is now being used to modify M14 rifles at Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane, Indiana.  The result is the Mk 14, Mod 0 Enhanced Battle Rifle (EBR), which can be obtained by any force that uses M14 rifles either by purchasing the EBR stock and converting existing M14 type rifles or buying a semi-automatic-only version of the Mk 14, Mod 0 from US company Fulton Armory.

The conversion from standard M14 to Mk 14 involves several modifications.  First, the M14 barrel has been shortened from 559 mm to 470 mm with the standard M14 flash suppressor replaced by a Smith Enterprises Vortex flash suppressor that reduces flash by approximately 99 per cent.  With a 470 mm barrelled carbine, the high-performance Vortex flash suppressor was a virtual necessity.  The front sight that once sat atop the flash suppressor has been moved to the gas cylinder lock.

The bolt stop has been replaced by a 'paddle' type similar to that of the M4 Carbine.  This allows the bolt to be released without removing the trigger hand from the pistol grip as opposed to the original M14 that required the bolt handle to be pulled to the rear after a fresh magazine was inserted to release the bolt stop.  The addition of the bolt release is a major advantage in combat where every second counts, not to mention being more convenient.

Finally, the clip guide on the receiver has been replaced by a 38 mm section of the MIL-STD-1913 rail to allow optics to be mounted, along with the Sage EBR stock, which completes the basic Mk 14, Mod 0 rifle.  For special tactical units, this is a rifle that totally overshadows any 5.56x45 mm firearm, while offering the same flexibility and tactical utility. This is probably the most significant development of the M14 rifle since it was originally designed in the 1950s.


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