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Welcome to my corner of the WWW, an admittedly small corner at that.

I am glad to have you here.

What will you find on Dave's Den?  That is a more than fair question.

In an honest attempt to answer it, I state you shall find a more than mixed bag.  Does use of that phrase show my age?

The interests explored here include:

        Web Site History/Webmaster Bio

         Olds Sign  All things Oldsmobile related  

        Marine Flag The U.S. Marine Corps

  It is true, Once a Marine, Always . . . 

        M14  The M-14 Assault Rifle

          Gary Flag  Gary (Lake County), Indiana, a.k.a. da' Region

Archived Reports Portal - Begins with April of 2008

        Blast Furnance    Worker  Making, Shaping and Treating Steel

        Gary PD    Patch Officer Down!  The murder of Gary Police Lt. George Yaros 

      Jackie Wilson    Photo "Mr. Excitement,"  Jackie Wilson

        Does anybody really care?

   My comments on whatever happens to strike me at the moment

        Dave's Den - The Blog

 A super easy way to actively participate on Dave's Den 

GDYNets   Links

 A listing of all the web sites I have created, maintain or use for my web activities

SITEMAP:  A guide to what is where on Dave's Den

Contact me:  EMail  OldsD88@gmail.com


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